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Saving Okapi Habitat One Farmer at a Time

Supporting farmers’ transition to more sustainable crops and the mastering of soil improvement techniques is a long-term investment that protects okapi habitat. Once farmers are producing their own seeds and crops, OCP need only store their seeds and occasionally provide Lucerne seedlings – a tree that puts nitrogen back into the soil to nourish crops. Farmers give […]

Spreading Our Conservation Message

Awareness and environmental education is the cornerstone of conservation, especially in areas classified as Reserves where people live in and around the protected habitat, like the Okapi Wildlife Reserve. For many years, the Okapi Conservation Project (OCP) has placed significant emphasis on educating and encouraging villages in and around the Reserve to become better stewards […]

Traveling to the Heart of Africa

By: Lucas Meers, Program Officer for Okapi Conservation Project When you tell someone you’re traveling to the Congo, you get a certain reaction. Raised eyebrows, dropped jaws or even a “Wow, you’re brave!” Perhaps it’s because there is a certain perception or stigma with the persistent political strife in the country, or perhaps it’s because […]

30 Year Anniversary

This June marks 30 years since we’ve been protecting okapi and its habitat in the heart of Africa. Over the past 3 decades, we’ve weathered uncertainty, difficulties and rebel attacks, but never faltered on our commitment to protect the okapi and the animals that share its forest home. Having such a longstanding presence within Epulu […]

Tree Day Celebration – December 5

Each year on December 5, the Okapi Conservation Project celebrates Tree Day by distributing hundreds of tree seedlings to primary and secondary schools around the Reserve, and the kids love it. Our educators teach them about how trees benefit the forest, animals and their local communities. To propagate these trees in our nurseries, we hire […]