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Rescued Primates Receive a Second Chance

Recently, a young chimpanzee and baboon were confiscated by ICCN rangers in Badengaido and brought to our In-Country Director, Rosie Ruf, for initial care. Badengaido is a town inside the Okapi Wildlife Reserve that has grown exponentially as it is a collection point for miners to access illegal mines nearby. The animals were brought to […]

ICCN Rangers Face Challenging Times

With the national election scheduled for December 23rd in DRC, it is important, despite the potential distractions, that the ICCN rangers stay focused on controlling illegal activities inside the OWR. OCP continues to provide prompt payments of bonuses to the rangers for their efforts on patrol and supports the medical care for their families. OCP […]

New Footage from Camera Traps Spreads Excitement

Just two years ago, OCP launched a camera trap study in select areas around the Epulu station to document wildlife activity. We created a group named ‘Team Okapi’ consisting of ICCN rangers, OCP staff and Mbuti guides to strategically place camera traps just outside areas of human settlement to monitor wildlife, specifically okapi, to determine […]

Report from the Field

By John Lukas Before leaving for DRC in May, my spare room was overflowing with gear for the rangers in Epulu as I tried to safely pack it in as few bags as possible for the many plane transfers I would have to negotiate by myself. After eight flights, seven security checks and a total […]

Attack on OCP Vehicle Ends in Tragedy

OCP has suffered another tragic loss and it is with great sadness that I write to you regarding an incident that happened Saturday, February 17th two hundred kilometers from Epulu on the Beni-Komanda road in which an OCP pickup truck was ambushed as it entered the town of Erengeti just north of Beni. Six people lost […]

Moving Forward in 2018

Building on a very productive 2017, OCP staff have a very aggressive work plan for 2018 that takes advantage of additional security provided in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve by the presence of a large contingent of the Congolese army based in Mambasa and Epulu which have deterred movement of Maimai insurgents into the Reserve. While […]