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Educating School Youth and Officials on the Value of Forest Protection

Okapi Conservation Project educators focus on working with schools in communities that interface with forest resources and the Okapi Wildlife Reserve. School youth are considered important message multipliers and future decision-makers. In order to make them aware of conservation issues, OCP educators recently organized a series of conferences on forest protection and management of the […]

The Role of OCP and the STAREC Peace Restoration Program

STAREC is an international peace program which works with many different UN agencies including, UNESCO, International Organization of Migrations, UN-Habitat, World Food Program, United Nations Program for Development, Provincial Government, Mambasa Civil Society and other local NGOs. Within the peace restoration program under STAREC, the main objectives include democratic dialogue among the population, restoration of […]

Wildlife Response to Improved Security

Okapi need undisturbed tracts of forests to sustain themselves; conservation efforts and protection of the forests from exploitation can only be achieved with the help and involvement of local communities. Progress made by the ICCN  and the Congolese army to clear out armed militia, poachers and miners has greatly improved the security situation. As a […]

Field Report: January 2015

I traveled to Epulu in January to see first-hand the conditions on the ground and to meet with staff, ICCN leadership and partners to plan activities for 2015. I found the situation much improved and everyday life is mostly back to normal with Congolese army troops assisting ICCN guards in helping to maintain order in and around […]

Solar Power Installed at the Epulu Health Center

In addition to the medical dispensary, managed by OCP for use by all OCP and ICCN personnel and their families, the village of Epulu has a community health center. The Epulu health center is the only facility within 70 kilometers (43 miles) supported by the OCP physician where minor surgeries can be performed. Responding to […]

Call to Farmers for Sustainable Agriculture

OCP agronomists and educators organize regular meetings with farmers in remote villages to discuss sustainable agricultural practices. It is widely known that a slash and burn approach has long lasting negative impacts on soil fertility. Crops are more likely to fail due to wind damage, and unnatural crop associations were contributing to impoverished soil fertility […]

Women’s Groups Focus on Resource Conservation

The Okapi Conservation Project continues supporting organized women’s associations through programs safeguarding water resources from pollution and overuse, and protecting animals of the Ituri landscape. As women’s groups in the Reserve continue to grow, OCP is providing ongoing conservation education and additional resources like sewing materials, beans and vegetable seeds for community gardens to each group. For […]

Closing Down Illegal Mines Protects Okapi Habitat

After a three month amnesty period declared in August of 2014 by Governor Saidi of Orientale Province, a special force of ICCN guards and Congolese military is moving through the Reserve shutting down illegally operated gold mines. From November 14 – 21, Okapi Conservation Project (OCP) educators taught soldiers about the expected “Code of Conduct” […]