Call to Farmers for Sustainable Agriculture

OCP agronomists and educators organize regular meetings with farmers in remote villages to discuss sustainable agricultural practices. It is widely known that a slash and burn approach has long lasting negative impacts on soil fertility. Crops are more likely to fail due to wind damage, and unnatural crop associations were contributing to impoverished soil fertility in a short period of time.  An OCP agronomist explains the benefit of crop rotation, adding nitrogen fixing plants and timing of plantings season as ways of improving crop production and increasing the length of time the soil remains fertile reducing the need to expand their farmland into the forest.

At a recent meeting, farmers voiced concerns about crop raiding by primates. They requested frequent and regular visits by ICCN rangers to help control crop raiding by wildlife and monitor the conversion of protected forest into fields which could quickly impact the limits of the delineated agriculture zones and compromise their ability to farm legally inside the Reserve. These forums are important avenues for productive dialogue between community members and OCP as we inform residents how they can live sustainably in this biologically diverse landscape and still provide for their families.


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