The M23 rebel group in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo ended their insurgency after a crushing military defeat. M23 leaders ordered commanders to prepare troops to disarm, demobilize and prepare for reintegration on terms agreed with the government of the Congo. The M23 was forced to end its rebellion by a combination of factors; concerted international pressure; an unusually competent performance by the DRC’s armed forces; the robust action of a new UN “intervention brigade” and Rwanda’s apparent decision to stop its (alleged) military support of the rebels.

“This is a critical and exciting step in the right direction” said Mr. Feingold, the US Special Envoy for the Great Lakes and the DRC. “If we can deal with the larger groups then others will see the writing on the wall” he said. “It will be easier for the Congolese government to assert authority and for the people to see the benefit of peace. That could have a domino effect.”

OCP president John Lukas explains the impact of the end of this insurgency on conservation efforts in the region here.

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