Inspiring Conservation Action through Radio Broadcasts

Incorporated into the new Women’s Center, is the new Community Radio Station of Epulu. Radio is the main form of communication in the region and is a critical component for Okapi Conservation Project’s education program to reach the 50,000 people living in and around the Reserve with educational messaging on protecting the rainforest. After the years of decay of the original mud and stick radio station, Okapi Conservation Project offered to provide a new stone and brick space with brand new radio equipment, including a new antenna that can reach the entire width of the Reserve instead of just a few nearby towns and villages. The radio equipment can not only broadcast to further distances, but can record and replay broadcasts with much higher quality.

Our educators took this opportunity to develop new and exciting radio programs to share with the community including, the importance and benefits of protecting okapi and forest elephants, the role of ICCN rangers, preventing the spread of COVID-19, and the cultural significance and importance of Mbuti pygmy culture, which was a community favorite that we’ll expand and explore further. Overall 112 broadcasts were recorded and distributed to seven radio stations around the Reserve.

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