OCP Educators Participate in CARPE-Sponsored Conservation Activities

With support from the Central Africa Forest and Ecosystems Conservation Partnership, OCP educators based in Epulu and Mambasa organized a trip to Lolwa, in the eastern side of the Ituri landscape, to observe community based natural resource management areas. Educators observed conservation activities such as fishponds, poultry farms, cocoa fields, goat cooperatives and reforestation fields. They observed firsthand the threats to forest conservation especially where timber was being processed to make charcoal. This knowledge will be integrated into efforts by OCP educators to help communities improve livelihoods and encourage sustainable use of resources to minimize destruction of forests and damage to rivers and streams. OCP programs to educate people on how to conserve resources and wildlife is complemented with assistance that improves their quality of life which provides an incentive for communities to value the role conservation has in meeting the needs of their day to day lives.

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