Tree Day Celebration – December 5

Each year on December 5, the Okapi Conservation Project celebrates Tree Day by distributing hundreds of tree seedlings to primary and secondary schools around the Reserve, and the kids love it. Our educators teach them about how trees benefit the forest, animals and their local communities.

To propagate these trees in our nurseries, we hire villagers to collect tree seeds within the forest, plant them in individual containers with soil and natural fertilizers and care for them until they are large enough to be replanted. A variety of rainforest tree seedlings are distributed to schools in and around the Reserve to involve the students in reforestation projects. Planting and caring for the seedlings instills conservation values in the young children inspires and encourages them to conserve and protect the plants and animals where they live.

Learning about the role trees play in the rainforest.


Teaching children how to care for trees instills passion and the values of conservation early on.


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